Focus to nodes from code

I have a big document and a smaller goView so there are scroll bars.

I have all the nodes’ positions in the documet and I want to move the scroll bars to a specific area.

I tried using the DoAutoPan but I didn’t understand how it works.
How does it work or is there a better way for doing this?

Thank you in advance!

Set GoView.DocPosition.

Thank you Smile

I guess I went to far while the answer was closer than I thought it was.

Can you explain me what does the DoAutoPan do?
I found it useful for a diffarent thing.

Thanks again!

DoAutoScroll and DoAutoPan are intended as methods for Tools that do panning and scrolling. (You can read about Tools in the User Guide.)

Click the mouse wheel to start autopanning. It’s our implementation of standard Windows UI behavior, as you can see in Internet Explorer or Word.

I want to imitate the way the GoToolPanning moves for moving from one point in the document to the other when both points are set from the code.

How can I do that?

Just change the value of GoView.DocPosition.

Note that the default behavior is not to allow “scrolling” beyond the bounds of the document. (Just like Word or Notepad won’t allow scrolling the first line of a file down to the middle of the window.) You can relax that limitation by setting GoView.SheetStyle to Sheet (even though there’s no value for GoView.Sheet because you haven’t set that property nor have you set GoView.BackgroundHasSheet to true).

OK. Thank you.