Font Awesome Pro icons not working


I am trying to use icons from Font Awesome Pro inside nodes, and they are not working. Icons that are free in Font Awesome work fine, only Pro icons show up as squares.
The licence for Font Awesome Pro is declared in an index.js file in my project, and there are no issues using the pro icons in the non-GoJS parts of the project.

This code works fine:
\\ $(
row: 1,
column: 0,
columnSpan: 4,
text: ‘\uf012’,
stroke: ‘#000’,
margin: 4,
font: ‘12px FontAwesome’,
editable: false,
isMultiline: false,

But when the unicode is changed to \uf68e for example, it will not work. Additionally, most of the icons needed have primary and secondary unicodes, i.e f68e and f68e\f68e.

Is there a way for GoJS to detect the licence, if that is the problem?

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about how Font Awesome’s licensing works, so it is difficult for us to make recommendations.

If you could email us with some more of an explanation, we might be able to help diagnose the problem. Our email is gojs at