Font of text in a GoBasicNode

I want the font of the text in a GoBasicNode to change as I resize the object. AFAIK this property is available only for a GoText object. Is there some way to grow ports on a GoText object?

If not, my solution will be to derive a GoGroup class that has two children superimposed at the same location - a GoBasicNode for the node flavor and a GoText for the resizable font. Does this kludge sound workable?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


public class ResizableBasicNode : GoBasicNode {
public ResizableBasicNode() {
this.Text = “”; // to create a Label
this.Label.AutoRescales = true;
this.LabelSpot = GoObject.Middle; // before setting Resizable
this.Resizable = true;
this.Reshapable = false;
public override GoObject SelectionObject {
get { return this; } // so resizing resizes whole node, not just the Shape
public override void LayoutChildren(GoObject childchanged) {
if (this.Label != null && this.Shape != null) {
this.Label.Center = this.Shape.Center;
As for your proposed alternative, that sounds pretty good, except that since you want it to act like an IGoNode, you should have it inherit from GoNode instead of GoGroup. But I don’t think you need that alternative, if you find the above definition good enough for your purposes.

Walter, thanks for the solution, works like a charm.

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