Function call after data binding

Is there any function which is called after data binding / rendering of BPMN link data is completely rendered into the page… Because i am in a situation where I need to show a notification after the gojs diagram is completely loaded.

Implement an “InitialLayoutCompleted” DiagramEvent listener.

When I am trying to move a node using moveTo(x,y) in chrome debugger page, it works fine. But when i try to move the same node in my javascript file it doesnt work correctly. I found out this is not working correctly by using moveTo with x, y locations same as its actual locations. In this case, it should not have moved as the x and Y are same but when i tried this the nodemoved. Please help me in this. This is reason i asked a fn which loads after data binding is becasue of this only. My main aim is to move the node using javascript file.

I do not understand the situation that you are trying to describe.

My situation is i have to move the node a little bit.For example, if the value of location is x and y, i have to move the node x+1 and y+1.

Might the Diagram.layout be positioning your node(s)?

If you do have a Diagram.layout, but you do not want that layout to position those nodes, you can set or bind Part.isLayoutPositioned to false in the template. You then have to set their locations programmatically or via binding.