Function diagram not running in different browser

i have some diagram. but why if i try to open it, sometimes that was failed to load. and when i try in different browser that function of the diagram was not running.?

anyone can explain this and help me to solve this.?

What error and warning messages are recorded in the console?

there’s no error message. i reload the page and the diagram can showed but when i try to reload again the diagram was gone again.

is this about the browser support .?

So, what browser and version? What about other browsers?

i try in chrome and firefox. in firefox the diagram can be loaded sometimes. but in chrome the diagram doesn’t appear. then i try to update the browser but the result still same.

Because it sounds like your problem is not reliably reproducible, I’m guessing that it is because you are implicitly depending on the order and timing of operations of HTML page layout and/or how you load the data.

When nothing appears in the diagram, is the value of myDiagram.nodes.count the number that you would expect? Does myDiagram.nodes.all(function(n) { return n.location.isReal(); }) return true? Is the value of myDiagram.viewportBounds such that you should see at least one node or link? Do the values of and match up with the size of the viewport that you are expecting (see also