Future GoJS Releases


I wanted to know what the current status of the GoJS product is, are there any plans or is a major version like GoJS 3 in development? I am pretty sure I remember reading in one topic that you guys planned to do a major GoJS Typescript overhaul. It would be nice to see some kind of blog about new developments from Northwood.

I was not sure where to ask so I do it here.
The FAQ hints to a “meta” category but it doesnt exist anymore and results in a 404 site.

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We are currently in development of GoJS 3.0, which leverages ES2015 and higher JavaScript, so it drops support for IE11 and introduces a number of improvements we’ve wanted to make but have waited on for compatibility reasons.

We converted the library to TypeScript for GoJS 2.0. In 3.0 we’re introducing new features for stronger typing like sensible enum names (instead of go.GraphObject.None there is go.Stretch.None for stretch values, or go.AutoScale.None for Diagram autoScale values. This makes autocompletion better and safer.

We are also redoing drawing, layouts, and a few other things, but we don’t have an Alpha to announce yet.

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That are great news! Thank you for your answer. 👍