GeneralNode disable adding the label to the diagra

I’m using the goGeneralNode to have an image and a label with text underneath it. When I drag the image from my palette into my workspace, both the image and the text show up. However when I drag the text into the workspace the text shows up but the image doesn’t, and I’ve noticed the text part doesn’t behave like a regular node when added.

Here’s my initialization code:

        GoNodeIcon background = new GoNodeIcon();
        background.Image = Resources.Workflows.SendCampaign_Icon;
        this.Icon = background;
        this.Label = new GoText();
        this.Orientation = Northwoods.GoWeb.Orientation.Horizontal;
        this.Label.Text = "send campaign";
        this.Resizable = false;

I bet the problem is that the Label is Selectable, because you construct it and its default value for Selectable is true.

Why do you create and assign a new GoNodeIcon as the Icon and a new GoText as the Label?

I suggest you call the GoGeneralNode.Initialize method instead. You’ll probably want to use “SendCampaign_Icon” as the iconname, and either use Resources.WorkFlows as the ResourceManager, or set GoImage.DefaultResourceManager to the one ResourceManager from which you get your images.