GeneralNode layout

Hi JGo team,

within our application we have subclassed GeneralNode for implementing the node in our graphs.

Now I need to change the layout of the GeneralNode childrens. I need to
have the input ports on top of the component and the output ports at
bottom of the component. The default top and bottom labels should
appear on left and right side of the component.

Is it the correct approach to overwrite the layoutChildren() method? Do you have any sample, source for accomplish this?

Many thanks for your support!
Marco Koch

Finally someone else from Germany!

Yes, overwriting layoutChildren() is the right way to arrange your node
according to your needs. You may find sample code within the samples’
source codes. Take a look at /examples/family/,
/examples/layoutdemo/Basi, /examples/,
/examples/ and of course within the JGo nodes’ sources
itselves (, …).