Genogram - Links alignment regression when upgrading from 1.8.18 to 1.8.19

Hi, We are using the genogram layout with custom changes to our requirements.
One feature we added is taken from genogram twins and using the TwinLink implementation example to draw twins groups.
It’s working great except of one issue (which is a regression occurred after upgraded from 1.8.18 to 1.8.19). could you please point us out how to address the issue with gojs v1.8.19+?

First is simple genogram using version 1.8.18:

Second is the same diagram using version 1.8.19:

as you can see the links got grouped together on v1.8.19 while this is optimal in other cases (i guess) in our use case we would like to keep the older behavior… idea on how to achieve that?

There were some minor changes to LayeredDigraphLayout, which the genogram uses, but it’s hard to say how those would affect your customized code. Are you able to send us some code by email?