Get Next Nodes

I have a simple diagram with a start - link - node - link - node - link - end There are never more then one link on a port and its linear. I am trying to walk the diagram from the start node. I thought I could get the next node with bottomLink.ToPort.Node and get the link from the DestinationLinks enumerator on the bottomport. But the all the links collections have a count of Zero.
Is there an easy way of getting the next node that I am missing.

Have you seen the section in the User Guide on “Traversing a Diagram”? Starts on Page 29.

I did read that but none of that seems to be what I am looking for.

I want to get my start node. and knowing it only has on link from it's bottom port get the next node, do something with that and use the link on it's bottom port to get the next node etc... until I reach the end node.
I need to traverse them in the order they are in the diagram.

This will get a node with no incoming links:

foreach (GoObject obj in this.goView1.Document) {
GoNode node = obj as GoNode;
if (node != null && node.Sources.Count == 0) {
// node is a start node...
Since you have a linear graph, use Node.Destinations to take you do the next node in the diagram.