Get path between two/more nodes

1.need to provide the function of the shortest path between two nodes. for example
myDiagram.model = new go.GraphLinksModel(nodeDataArray, linkDataArray);

Dijkstra algorithm. pay attention to it is undirected graph

var link_arr = myDiagram.getShortestPath(‘node_id_start’,‘node_id_end’);

for(var link in link_arr){
link set colr red
link.node1 set colr red
link.node2 set colr red

  1. need to provide the function of the full path between two( or more) nodes ,namely connected child diagram
    var full_path_link = myDiagram.getfullPath([‘node_id_1’,‘node_id_2’,’…’]);

Take a look at distances.html. It shows on each node the number of links needed to get to it from the selected node. You can write the code to choose one or all of the shortest paths and highlight the nodes and links along the path. You might want to use Node.findLinksBetween method to find the collection of Links between a pair of Nodes, to handle the case where there are multiple such links.

Thanks for your reply,but i am a newer of web develop,should you give me a demo page for this function.
Thank you very much.