Getting Link Points and locations

I’m trying to save the content of a map to an Access table, and need to go through all the objects in a document.

So far I can get most of this by just going through each object, but I fall over when I am trying to get all the points used to make up the stroke in a Golink object.
has anybody been here before, or can suggest a conveninet means of storing all the items in a database?
Thanks in advance

Well, I’m not a database expert, but it seems like you’d need another Table with columns something like (LinkID, pointIndex, X, Y), and you’d add a row for each point.


Many thanks for that, the issue I'm having is getting to iterate through the points, so that I can access there positions and writes these to the table.
I found the following in one of Walter's responses:

I don't know if you need to save the paths of each link. If you do, you can get the array of points by calling GoLink.CopyPointsArray(), or GoLabeledLink.RealLink.CopyPointsArray(). Restore these paths after you have finished restoring the positions of all of the nodes, by calling GoLink.SetPoints.
So will look to see if this answers my problem!

Real databases aren’t perfectly normalized, so I would just store the array of floating point numbers returned by CopyPointsArray() as a string.

it’s late over here, and I’m past the deep thought stage but if I think what you’re saying is that I can store all the points as a string in my “Links” table rather than having a seperate table of “Points” than that will be great

It's just a matter of if it is possible to set the points on a new link when I load my map back from the table!
Many thanks

Yes, you can convert it to a string. Just make sure the size of the field is big enough to not truncate the string.

Yes, you can set the points. Create the GoLink, set its various properties, including FromPort and ToPort, add it to your document, and then call SetPoints.

You have to call SetPoints last because setting some of the other properties might cause the route (i.e. the path formed by its points) to be recalculated.