Getting Link position

How can i get the link current position (not points) in order to use:
move(new go.point(currentPosition + offset))?


Just get its position property.

But both are Point(NaN,NaN).
Should i bind it to something?


Ah, you must be looking at a Link object before it has had a chance to be measured and arranged and positioned. All of the properties should be valid between transactions.

When are you trying to call Part.move?

I call it inside: myDiagram.addDiagramListener(ā€œClipboardPastedā€, function (e){}
Iā€™m trying to deviate the pasted links and nodes for better visibility.
Something link this:

myDiagram.addDiagramListener("ClipboardPasted", function (e) {
            var myLoc;
            var offset = new go.Point(5, 5);
            e.subject.each(function (elem) {
                if (elem instanceof go.Node) {
                    myLoc = elem.location;
                    elem.move(new go.Point(myLoc.x + offset.x, myLoc.y + offset.y));
                else if (elem instanceof go.Link) {
                    myLoc = ???
                    elem.move(new go.Point(myLoc.x + offset.x, myLoc.y + offset.y));

Take a look at the overrides of CommandHandler.copyToClipboard and CommandHandler.pasteFromClipboard in the DrawCommandHandler class at

The basic answer is to call Diagram.moveParts.