Getting swimlane group ID while Drag&Drop

  • I could not get group name or unique id while I drag & drop node in to swimlanes

    mouseDrop: function(e, group) {
    debugger // always getting (group.row = 0 )

                    var dropppedNode = group.diagram.selection.first()
                    var node =
                        // if any dropped part wasn't already a member of this group, we'll want to let the group's row
                        // column allow themselves to be resized automatically, in case the row height or column width
                        // had been set manually by the LaneResizingTool
                    var anynew = e.diagram.selection.any(function(p) {
                        return p.containingGroup !== group;
  • I could not find method to add link dynamic from one node to another node
    can you please help me?

Look at the to find information about the group onto which the new node was dropped.

Just call GraphLinksModel.addLinkData within a transaction.

thanks lot walter… let me check