Gives error while dropping a node on node in IE only


In my application when i drag a node from palette and drop it on another node in diagram, it gives me below error:-

Interesting point is that it works in Chrome,mozilla and Edge browsers but it doesn’t work in IE.
Please help.


Do you get that error in IE when running other apps such as Planogram ?

Do you have any DiagramEvent listeners or GraphObject event handlers relating to drag-and-drop? If so, how are they defined?

Hi walter,

I did some debugging in my application and i found that below statement doesn’t work in IE or gives error in IE:

var linksTo = new go.List(Node);


Ah, that’s because you said “Node” instead of “go.Node”. You need to refer to the GoJS classes in the “go” namespace, not to the Node HTML DOM class/interface.