Giving the Overview control a kick


I have a diagram with two shapes on it, fairly close together. I click a button in my app that pops up a window with the Overview control in it. The overview shows the two shapes, but zooms them to fill the window. The magenta box is not visible.

If I then drag one of the shapes on my diagram, the Overview readjusts its display by shrinking the shapes until the magenta box appears. Perhaps the change in the DiagramBounds gave it the “kick” it needed - I don’t know.

The effect is similar to what I see in the Org Chart example in GoWPF. There, the Overview first shows a 100% zoom of the org chart, then quickly zooms out to show the whole DiagramBounds area. The difference is that in Org Chart, Overview zooms out automatically whereas in my app, it doesn’t zoom out until I alter the diagram.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong, or what I could do to give the Overview control a “kick”?


What version are you using? There was a bug fix that is in 1.3.2 (and after 1.2.6) relating to Overview initialization.

Version 1.2.6. Am I out of luck until I upgrade, or is there a work-around?

  • Bob

We’ll investigate.