go.Panel show scrollbar

Does anyone know is it possible to display scrollbar for go.Panel?


        name: 'PanelWrapper',
        maxSize: new go.Size(200, 300)
            name: 'InnerPanel',
            height: 500 // just an example height

So, this panel has an inner panel and inner panel is higher than wrapper.
Is there any possibility to make “PanelWrapper” scrollable?

Thanks in advance.

There is no general way to do that.

What is it that you want to scroll?

Hi Walter.

“InnerPanel” has a number of go.TextBlock + go.Picture elements (like list of items in menu). And “PanelWrapper” is like a contextual menu for an element.

So, “InnerPanel” can contain, for example, 100 items or 1000. That’s why it’s needed to be scrolled.

Well, if you use a “Table” Panel, instead of a “Vertical” Panel with whatever, you could use:


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Thanks for these links, Walter. I’ll check this out.