Go.picture + click is happening outside the picture


I was just playing around with click in go js picture, but for me click is happening left to the picture, and some portion of picture (left side of picture), but not happening to the entire picture. I have several nodes in the diagram. In top layer nodes, click is coming fine ,but the nodes , thats coming in bottom of page , click is not working , or get worked when we click on left side of the icon.

$(go.Picture, {
              width: 25,
              height: 25,
              column: 2,
              source: `image.svg`,
              // desiredSize: new go.Size(30, 30),
              click: clickAction,
              margin: new go.Margin(10, 10, 2, 240),

Can you guys help me what might be the reason for click not happening on bottom nodes

Could you please post a screenshot and show us where a click works and where it doesn’t?

Why is the margin so large?

You can see the actual area occupied by the Picture by temporarily setting its background to “red” or some other obvious color.