Go_View Copy issue

iam extending the GoMultiTextNode in a class G1 .in that class iam adding heading to a go-view
that heading class extending from Gotext node .when i copy a go_view the copied object heading
need to change its color .but it remain the same the thing is Goview is not cloning the Costume
class that is inherited by GoMultiTextNode . the heading object remain same for original and copied object


public abstract class G1: GoMultiTextNode {

protected G1(Work workspace,string id,bool left,bool right): this(workspace,id) {
  heading = new Heading(workspace,GetType().Name);
     AddItem(heading,null,null);  //this is not cloned by govew 


public class Heading: GoTextNode {
private readonly GoImage icon;
private Workspace workspace;
private Port port;

private Heading(Workspace workspace,string text) {
  this.workspace = workspace;
  icon = new GoImage { Top = 0,Left = 3,Selectable = false,Image = Images.Label };
  GoShape shape = (GoShape)Background;
  shape.BrushStyle = GoBrushStyle.SimpleGradientHorizontal;
  shape.BrushColor = Color.CornflowerBlue;
  Text = text.PadLeft(text.Length + 9,' ');
  AutoResizes = false;
  Copyable = false;
  Deletable = false;
  DragsNode = true;
  Label.Clipping = false;
  Label.StringTrimming = StringTrimming.EllipsisCharacter;
  Movable = false;
  Pen = Pens.White;
  Selectable = false;
  Resizable = false;
  ToolTipText = text;
  Width = 120;


see my other note… I think the issue is how you are doing the copy.

Also note the sample MultiTextNodeWithIcon in NodeLinkDemo and how it handles the Background object in CopyObject.

Many thanks for ur reply.can u please send the sample that u mean.

The sample NodeLinkDemo is in the evaluation kit… in c# and vb.