GoControl display question (UI)

I have 2 questions related to GoControl, my sample GoControl implement a WebBrowser control in it:

1-I have problems if a change of visibility occurs (hiding), even if i change the Visible property of both the GoControl AND WebBrowser only the GoControl UI disapears, the webBrowser part stay displayed. I have figured it is probably normal and now i think a good workaround may be to remove the object completly from my GoView to put it in temp list, when visible come back to true i will re-add them to my GoView. Do you have a better way?

2-.Net part of GoControl is always on top of my object, this is documented and the expected behavior in a GoView. Do you think it will be possible to change this behavior one day in the future release of GoDiagram :)? Also, i never used GoXam, but the behavior for an external .net object used in GoXam is the same than the GoControl in GoDiagram or some difference exist?

  1. Well, that’s not intuitive. The GoControl’s control is parented by the GoView, so you would think .NET would hide it if the parent GoView was hidden.

    2) This is not ever going to change, that’s the only way we can support other controls inside a diagram.

    GoXam is a different beast entirely. Because GoDiagram is integrated right into the XAML, and XAML itself if the hierarchy… all the GoXam objects and other XAML objects live within the same plane. GoXam is cool. Now… controls can still be big, heavy beasts, so using lots of them in a diagram can have performance implications.

Thanks for the quick reply, i will try GoXam soon ;)