GoDiagram 2.2.0 beta 2


The next beta version of GoDiagram is now available via:
For a complete list of changes since version 2.1.2, see the corresponding README file in the kit. Here’s a list of the changes in GoWin since beta 1:

  • added manual panning behavior to GoToolPanning, supported by the new GoToolPanning.AutoPan property (default is true)
  • added GoHandleStyle.None, which can be used to cause resize handles not to be painted but still be used
  • added virtual GoToolDragging.DoDragDrop method, to allow dragging objects other than the view's GoSelection out to other windows
  • added GoView.ExternalDragDropsOnEnter property to cause a drag enter to call DoExternalDrop to create new objects in the document that the user can drag around with a GoToolDragging, for customized feedback on an external drag-and-drop
  • added GoSubGraph.Corner and CollapsedCorner for rounded rectangular background appearance
  • added GoSubGraph.TopLeftMargin, BottomRightMargin, CollapsedTopLeftMargin, and CollapsedBottomRightMargin properties
  • added GoSubGraph.CollapsedObject property to specify an object to display when the node is collapsed
  • added GoSubGraph.CollapsedLabelSpot to specify relative position of Label when there is a CollapsedObject
  • changed GoSubGraph.CreateHandle and CreateLabel methods to be protected instead of public
  • for compatibility, the old GoSubGraph.Margin property gets the value of TopLeftMargin; when set it sets both TopLeftMargin and BottomRightMargin
  • GoSubGraph now supports the GoObject.Resizable property (and ignores Reshapable); DoResize now just adjusts the TopLeftMargin and BottomRightMargin
  • added various GoPortStyle.Triangle... enum values, so that you can specify the direction of the triangle without depending on GoPort.ToSpot
  • added GoShape.MakePath method for creating and initializing a GraphicsPath for a shape, along with GetPath and ResetPath for caching the GraphicsPath
  • changed GoStroke.CalculateArrowhead access from protected to public
  • added InfoNode example class (in Demo1)