GoDiagram 2.3.0 (BETA) feedback?

I know most of our customers do not read this forum, but if you have tried any of the version 2.3 beta kits, we would appreciate any feedback you may have. We hope to close the beta period very soon.
Feel free to send e-mail instead of responding here.
Have you tried the new GoView.ObjectEnterLeave event?
Is the GoView.NewGoLink or GoView.NewGoLabeledLink property convenient for you?
Do using some of the new GoDocument events or the optional naming of GoGroup children make your applications easier/simpler to code?
Do you have any fancy customized GoSubGraph subclasses?
GoXml will be supported with version 2.3–do you find the additional examples and documentation useful? (One example reads/writes GraphML.)
Is the interactive SVG support in GoSvg useful?
Are the InfoNode* or BarNode example classes in Demo1 helpful?

All seems well… in fact excellent… best release yet… only three points …trying to figure out if I can import SVG images produced from either Illustrator or Corel Draw to use as node icons…
Would very much appreciate more SubGraph classes and possibly some infonodes. Infonodes at least for me have been a good learning tool.
Maybe this is asking alot bout would love to have an GoNode object creator application that generates (complex) object classes using an interactive painter…
Joe Licata

I tried using Sharp Vector Graphics (sourceforge.net) and found it didn’t really work well at all. I know other people have tried and given up too.
The alternative would be to use the Adobe (or Corel) controls to generate an image. Of course that wouldn’t scale or print as well as one would like.
Could you give us suggestions for what kinds of nodes you would like? Pointing us to some images on the web would be a start, although often there is associated behavior that also ought to be specified, such as what happens when parts change size.
We’re working on the last topic too.