GoDiagram 2.4.0 beta

We are pleased to announce the public availability of the next beta release of GoDiagram version 2.4. We’ll be sending email very soon to all our customers with pointers to the kits, or you can get kits through http://www.nwoods.com/go/evalform.htm. (Yes, we’re in the midst of revamping our web site, so please pardon any inconsistencies there.)
<?:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><O:P>We have tested all of our samples with .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, as well as .NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003. We are no longer shipping assemblies compiled for .NET 1.0.</O:P>
<O:P>From the release notes:</O:P>

Summary of Significant New Features since 2.3

· Added GoGrid class and IGoDragSnapper interface

· Added GoSheet class and GoView.BackgroundHasSheet and GoView.SheetStyle properties

· Added support for arrow keys in GoView

· Added GoView.SelectionStarting and SelectionFinished events

· Added GoView.ObjectSelectionDropReject and BackgroundSelectionDropReject events

· Added GoView.ObjectSelectionDropped and BackgroundSelectionDropped events

· Added support for Z-order within a GoLayer

· Added GoCollapsibleHandleStyle enum, for drawing a GoCollapsibleHandle in different styles

· Added new sample: Planogrammer, an editor for designing/organizing racks of items in a store

· Added new example class: ClassDiagramNode, like a UML Class node with a single GoBoxPort, that supports collapsing sections

· Added new example class: CollapsingRecordNode, like RecordNode, but with collapsing sections, that supports ports on each side of each item

· Added new example class: ScrollingMultiTextNode, inherits from GoMultiTextNode, but adds two buttons to support resizing and scrolling the GoListGroup inside the GoMultiTextNode

Have tried the Planogrammer sample… Grids are definately a BIG home run!!! Still need to get the hang of them… wish they were here say two years ago… They make a good reason to rethink my app functionality.
Also… any way of having a ScrollingMultiTextNode that includes a scroll bar or perform a continous scroll when the up or down arrow is held for longer than a click?
Thanks Joe

I’m hoping to add a Timer on those scroll buttons.
More sample code is coming…

ScrollingMultiTextNode buttons will support autoscrolling in the next build. In fact, that functionality has been added to GoButton, so it won’t clutter up any example code nor your application.

OK, we have replaced those beta kits with new beta kits.
There’s now a GoButton.AutoRepeating property.
Demo1 has three new example classes:

  • GradientColorLink, displaying a gradient color running the length of the link
  • LitIconicNode, a GoIconicNode that displays a highlight behind the Icon
  • MetafileView, a GoView that can generate enhanced Windows metafiles (EMF).
    And there are some bug fixes, too, of course.

Also, in a “preview” mode because the functionality will not be supported in version 2.4, is the new Northwoods.Go.Draw assembly. At this time it includes:

  • a GoRuler control to display a customizable ruler as bars along the sides of a GoView
  • a GoDrawView control inheriting from GoView, that is set up to use two GoRulers and a bunch of GoRulerCursors that follow the mouse point or the selected object bounds
  • a GoColorControl control to let users select a possibly translucent color in various manners (i.e. a better kind of ColorPicker)
  • a GoColorForm, that just uses a GoColorControl with OK and Cancel buttons if brought up modally
    Northwoods.Go.Draw is currently only provided with GoDiagram Win. Future support for other platforms (i.e. Web or Pocket) is undecided at this time.
    There is a GoDraw.chm file in the docs subdirectory.

By the way, in the numbering convention that we use, m.n.0 releases (i.e. where the baselevel is zero) are always betas, and are not officially supported.
We typically have several alpha and beta releases using the same m.n.0 version number.
Whether or not a m.n.1 release is a beta depends on the particular release cycle. Usually it’s the official release.