GoDiagram and GoPalette in the Internet context


the way our application works is we are using windows forms within Internet Explorer, like ActiveX control.
In this context we have a problem to drug and drop things between the goPalette and goView. And it is related to internet security. If I add the website I use to load project into my local sites then problem disappears.
Is there a way to make it drug and drop without adding my sete to local sites as this is a violation of policy for some customers.
Thank you

That sounds like what we would expect. Have you seen the Special Deployments section of the Win Intro guide?

Are you using our reduced trust DLLs?

Company email in your profile, please.

Looks like we’re able to tell why this is happens. There is a call to SetFocus() from within GoPalette and this is not going to work in the internet context. At his point we’re OK.

Thank you