GoDiagram documentation

I have a problem with GoDiagram reference documentation:

Although it seems quite complete on about how the use the different classes, I can’t find enough information on about how to derive from those classes.

For instance, when looking a function like GoPort.AddDestinationLink, I do not know what is the state of the program when this function is called (is the link already added to the port ? Is the port already added to the link), I do not know what I should do in this function (if I want to redirect the link to another port, should I call AddDestinationLink on this port, should I directly change the ToPort property of the link), I do not know what the program expect of me after this function is called (what if I finally decide not to link ?). I had the same problem recently when trying to customise the auto-layout virtual functions.

Without this documentation about pre/post conditions of every virtual function, overriding them is only possible through guessing, hoping to find an adequate example (I found one for AddDestinationLink) and lenghty experimentation.

So, maybe there are some documentation I have not found yet. If so, please redirect me to it. If not, please take this post a a wish for next version.


Yes, I can understand your feeling, since I often feel that way about the Microsoft documentation. We do try to include documentation about what circumstances the programmer should use a property or method, ideally including typical situations and/or common purposes.
Did you have additional questions about GoPort.AddDestinationLink itself, or about redirecting links?

Not for the moment, the example answered it.