GoDiagram for WPF

We’re using GoDiagram on WinForms and we’re looking to migrate our application to WPF.
Can you share any information on any plans to provide a GoDiagram for WPF?
From our perspective, similar functionality to the existing product would be desirable, with the additional capability of overlaying the network with another WPF control rendered output.

After an initial attempt at what you suggest, I think we’re going to go in a completely different design direction.

The design philosophy, model, and expected usage patterns are completely different for WPF than they are for WinForms or WebForms. I think any diagram control that provides an API similar to the API that is suitable for WinForms or WebForms is really shortchanging itself and its users.

Is there any ETA when a WPF version of GoDiagram would be announced (with feature lists) or released? I’m in the processing of making a purchasing decision. While I need the Winforms version today, I’ll need the WPF one within 9months

What kind of source code compatibility are you expecting between the Windows Forms and the WPF versions? I’m curious as to what your expectations are, if your decision depends on the availability of both versions.