GoDiagram support on Windows 7

Does GoDiagram has Windows 7 support. I’m facing problem on XP mode of Windows 7. Windows Form using GODiagram flickers on mouse movement on XP mode of Windows 7.

Does this happen with our samples? Why would you run a .NET app in XP Mode?

yes. We need to check the functionality in XP mode. Its essential.

What can be the cause?

OK, I took DrawDemo, and did “Properties” on the .exe and on the compatibility tab, I set “run this program in compatibility mode” for XP SP2.

I don’t see any issues with the cursor running it that way.

oh ok. but did you try on the XP mode of Windows 7?

On normal Windows 7 its working fine. Its the special case with the Windows 7 XP mode. Have you tried on that?

Could it because of the virtual machine, as on windows 7, XP mode runs in the virtual machine? could that be the reason?

We’ll investigate.

OK, I just tried this, and I didn’t see any problems with flickering.

I suppose there might be limitations in the video drivers regarding what Virtual PC can support.