GoDiagram Web and UserControls

I am currently evaluating the GoWeb control and am having a problem placing the control on a UserControl. When I run the page I am getting a couple of client side script errors:
Error: Expected ';'
This seems to be happening in the first line of the goInit JScript function and in a couple of other places. If I dont use a UserControl everything works fine.
Any ideas?



i had this problem, too and i checked out my PageSource:
The Control contains the View-Objekt and has an identifier like: “myControl:myView
Without a wrapping Control, everything is ok, because the GoWebImage.aspx is called with parameter: “?GoView=myView
if you pack it into a control, the call looks like this:
and i think this causes theses exeptions you mentioned, because the Webserver interpretes the “:myView” as a port!

So this is my Idea
Bye, MaDon


Hey I am having the Same Issuse, Have you solved it yet? please let me know if you have found any solution?


Hi DA,
sorry, i don’t have an idea to solve this @€!&%?nice problem, but still working on. So I will let you know if there’s a chance to get it.
Bye, MD


We’ll fix this in the 2.2 release.


OK, folks, please try the 2.2.1 Release Candidate kit: