GoDiagram Web does Not Work in I.E. 7.0

Hi, I meet following problem when I run the BasicApp example in Internet Explorer 7.0. When I double click the View, it seems that a new node has created but I cannot see it (I can see the new node in Firefox). Also, I cannot do layout in i.e. 7.0 and I can do it in Firefox. Any suggestions? Please reply to this message or to


We haven’t tried IE 7 yet. Do other mouse operations work? Do you have JavaScript enabled, and is it able to communicate with the web server?

No mouse operations work event I enable javascripe for IE 7. I trace the code and the dbClick event is trigged. Any idea?

I have to correct my previous reply. The mose operations seems work because the dbClick event is fired. But I cannot see the newly create node. Which is wired.

Excuse me, but are you saying that no mouse operations work, or that some or many do? And are you talking about the double-click event handler being called on the server?
Does double-clicking in various places actually produce new nodes at those locations, except that you can’t see it in the element because for some reason the image is not being updated? If you are indeed able to set a break point in the double-click event handler on the server, then the handling of the mouse in JavaScript on the client is working OK, and the request to the server is made, and the server is able to respond correctly. However, for some reason, the image is not updated.
Does re-loading the page cause an up-to-date image to be made visible?
I know that GoDiagram Web used to work with earlier betas of IE 7, but that recently it stopped working. Which beta are you using?

Yes. Double clicking actually create a node and I can also see element. So I belive that Javascript works fine and the server respond correctly. But the image is not shown even I reload the page. The IE version is 7.0.5346.5.


I haven’t used IE 7 recently. Are there any Options settings that control local caching of pages and/or images?

No. There is no options settings that control local caching of pages and/or images. I already set security to intranet to low which allows almost everything. But I still cannot display the images.

By the way, I assume everything works correctly for you with IE 6, as well as with Firefox.

I did not test IE6, but it dose work correctly for Firefox. My system only has IE7.0

It’s interesting, but some of the other GoDiagram Web applications seem to work OK with IE7 beta 2. But the simpler ones do not.
I suspect that this is a caching bug in IE7 beta 2. Supposedly this will be fixed with IE7 beta 3 in August. But I’ll believe it when I (or someone else) tries it and confirms it.

This bug in IE 7 remained when it was released. Although it isn't as bad as it was with the beta releases.
So we had to implement a work-around in our implementation of GoView. This first became available in version 2.5.2 of GoDiagram Web.