We are looking at the concept of developing an effective diagram-based user interface to a generic Microsoft Access Database that we
developed, the interface to be displayed within a Internet Browser. The concept of representing objects (MS Access Tables, Forms, Reports, etc) as diagram blocks/nodes and relationships between objects as the arcs. By clicking on for example one of the objects it will open the Access Object (Window, Table, Form, etc.) which you have linked to the diagram object. Also the ability to interactively move the objects/diagrams within the user form within a browser.
Is this functionality already available within your products (GoDiagram
for .NET)
As anybody developed something similar than the above concept.
Is GoDiagram the right tool for the above concept?
Any advice, info, help will be highly appreciated

Yes, indeed, you could use GoDiagram Web and the RecordNode example class. The kit does not include a sample application that specifically constructs RecordNodes from tables in a database, but that is a simple task. Other customers have already used these classes to build applications similar to yours. Furthermore the code you write for constructing RecordNodes and linking fields between RecordNodes will also work in a Windows Forms application. Of course the non-GoDiagram parts of your Web Forms application would need to be re-written, since the UI implementation is necessarily quite different between Web Forms and Windows Forms.