GoImage image sizing

Need help with what is hopefully a simple question.
I am trying to use GoImage as my Icon in a GoIconicNode. I am initializing the GoImage with an image list and the index of the .bmp that I want to use.
The problem that I have is that even if my .bmp is a nice, large, detailed picture, when it displays in my diagram it is resized to a very small size. If I change the size (either programmatically or through the user interface), then the picture looks as if it was sized down and then blown back up – very pixelated and with all the details lost.
I have tried setting GoImage.AutoResizes and GoImage.AutoRescales as both true and false with no effect.
I am sure there is probably something simple that I am missing, so please forgive if this is documented or has been discussed.
Thanks in advance,
-Darren Jones

That’s odd, because GoImage always repaints the original image scaled down (or up if needed) to the device.
I just tried this using Demo1, and using the Property Grid to change the icon image of a GoIconicNode to refer to a personal photo. Since GoImage.AutoResizes was true, the node became huge and the photo displayed very crisply. I resized it to be small (maybe 20x30?), and then resized it larger again. In all cases the resolution was as good as one could expect.
What image size are you using for the bitmaps in your ImageList? That’s probably where the lossage is happening, not in GoImage’s painting.
But note that if you have a lot of large images to display, even if all are scaled down to regular node size, the system will get pretty slow, since a lot of time is going into dynamically rescaling each image to fit in the desired space. So using several ImageLists, all of the same images, but at different sizes, might be a good idea. You could dynamically swap each GoImage’s ImageList as the GoImage got bigger or smaller than the thresholds you check for.

That was the problem. I had forgotten about images in a list being forced to the same size.
Thanks for the help,