How can i get the Value that is stored in the info(“Name”) from client side javascript. Can you give a code sample. Thanks. I can get info.Text but I cannot get any other properties that I define.


Public Overrides Function GetPartInfo(ByVal view As GoView, ByVal renderer As IGoPartInfoRenderer) As GoPartInfo
    Dim info As GoPartInfo = renderer.CreatePartInfo()
    If (TypeOf Me.Label Is GoText) Then
        info.Text = CType(Me.Label, GoText).Text            
    End If
    info("Name") = Me.Name
    info("ID") = Me.ID

    Return info
End Function

There is an example in the DataSetDemo. They created an PersonNode that inhertis from the BasicNode and Proerties are set.

In the GetPartInfo the properties are returned.

Instead of calling renderer.CreatePartInfo(), try calling renderer.GetStandardPartInfo(Me).