GoJS 2.2 Alpha and 2.1.56 released

GoJS 2.2 Alpha has been released, which can be accessed here: gojs.net/alpha

And installed via npm under the alpha tag:
npm i gojs@alpha

(Latest: 2.2.0-a5 released December 13, 2021)

GoJS 2.2 introduces a number of properties and methods for convenience and to improve customization. GoJS 2.2 also includes new methods for constructing objects, and enhances TypeScript typings support.

GoJS 2.2 also includes several performance enhancements when drawing large graphs, and reduced memory usage.

See the full list of changes: GoJS Change Log

GoJS 2.1.56 has also been released.

Changes for 2.1.56

  • Updated the root object for systems that define window but do not attach all global variables to it. GoJS now prefers globalThis if it exists, then global.