GoJS beta 1.6

GoJS version 1.6 brings these major new features, now in beta test:

  • Z-ordering within Layers by setting or binding the new Part.zOrder property.
  • Animations for tree and Group collapse, and animation of Diagram.position with CommandHandler.scrollToPart.
  • Links can now have automatically determined keys if you set the GraphLinksModel.linkKeyProperty.
  • You can now send and receive incremental changes to a database instead of sending the whole model, with Model.toIncrementalJson and Model.applyIncrementalJson.
  • Tooltips are now shown on touch devices when the user clicks on an object with a GraphObject.toolTip or in the diagram background when Diagram.toolTip is an Adornment.

As usual, there are a lot of new samples and extensions:

There are also a lot of little, but sometimes invaluable, new features. Read more details in the Change Log.

Hmmm. I’m sorry to report that there are some bugs with the updating of links when they are being reshaped. We’ll fix this soon, next week.