Gojs drawing double lines issue for some of the boxes

I am using Gojs from Angular
Getting double lines for some boxes shown in the image
let me know the issue where I can fix this one


It appears that you have two links connecting those two nodes. If that was not the intent, you should find out why you provided a model with such data.

we dont have the double lines provided in our model ( json )

Once we move the angular normal build to server, it is working now

one more issue in the angular prod build is not working at the moment , Any fix required for this issue ?

the double line issue occurs once I scroll using the scroll bar for the diagram
and gives this error in angualr app

Error: Invalid div id; div already has a Diagram associated with it

As I just mentioned at Gojs rendering in Angular app, you should not be constantly re-creating the Diagram and associating it with the Div. Just create it, initialize it, and associate it with the Div once.

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we have deployed the app to production
in the below link it is working with out the double lines

but same code with the below link its not working


any issue please let me know

Thanks for providing access to the page. The problem is that you have loaded the same nodes and links twice. This means that there are two of each node at the same location.

In the debugger I set each node’s Part.movable to true. Then by moving each node you can see the other node just behind it.

Because you are loading the data twice, you have loaded the link data twice. But since their references to nodes use the same keys, there are two links between each connected pair of original nodes, and the new duplicate nodes do not have any connected links.

And since by default the routing of duplicate links tries to separate the routes, you can see them both.

So, a quick test is to evaluate myDiagram.nodes.count or myDiagram.links.count and make sure the results are as you would expect.

I don’t know why you are duplicating the model data – you will have to debug that.

Thanks a lot
After providing the single modal binding, it fixed this issue