GoJS script not running

I’m having problems implementing one of your samples “draggableLink” (). When I run the app, I get all the structure, but the GoJS script does not seem to be running.

I’m very new to JS in general, so I’m probably missing some pretty simple stuff. I really just need help to get started, then I tend to be able to figure out how things work. I’m currently using Meteor as well, if that makes any difference.

Any help is appreciated!

You need to open up the debugger and see what errors occurred, and then figure out why they occurred.


Thank you for the attention!

I’m getting these errors

SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘<’[Learn More]
SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘<’[Learn More]
ReferenceError: go is not defined[Learn More]
Error: ToolManager.replaceStandardTool:newtool value is not an instance of Tool: [object Object]

I am however now getting the diagram part running on the right, so the basics seems to be running.

Apparently you are having some other problems, due to the syntax errors and the error that says that you have not loaded the go-debug.js library in the page.

I highly recommend that newcomers use go-debug.js instead of go.js for developing their app. You’ll get much better error checking, as long as you pay attention to the console window.

Yes, it seems to be unrelated to the GoJS, which works fine.
At the moment it’s something with trying to load the script itself “<script src="..\node_modules\gojs\release\go-debug.js"></script>” that insists on sending back an html file (like index.html, which I assume is some default when the file can’t be found).
I can’t really get my head around how to solve it though.

I’ve always wanted to learn Meteor, but I’ve never had the time. Sorry.

I’ll keep digging, and if I find an answer I’ll update.

Thanks for taking the time!