GoJS version 1.5.5

Changes for 1.5.5:
• Added the CheckBoxes sample, demonstrating how to define a “check box” and how to customize them.
• Added the static method GraphObject.takeBuilderArgument, for use by GraphObject.defineBuilder functions for more easily retrieving builder arguments from the arguments passed to GraphObject.make.
• Added the definitions of the predefined arrowheads to the Arrowheads.js file in the Extensions directory. The predefined arrowheads are still predefined, so you will not need to load this file in order to have those definitions. This file provides information about how each arrowhead is defined, so that you can customize them or copy-and-adapt them.
• Fixed TextBlock.isStrikethrough to work with all values of TextBlock.textAlign.
• Adding a Part is now undoable if its layer has changed without notifying the undo manager, such as with a “layerName”:“isSelected” binding.
• Fixed Geometry.scale and Geometry.rotate of PathSegments that are arcs.