GoJS Version 2.0.9

Changes for 2.0.9

  • Diagram.makeSVG now accepts callback and callbackTimeout options. This makes it more like Diagram.makeImage and Diagram.makeImageData (which have had these options since 2.0.0). If a callback function is provided, the methods will instead return null and SVG creation will wait until all Diagram Picture sources are loaded before creating the SVG and invoking the callback.
  • Fixed a regression with Diagram.makeSVG where it would not draw Pictures that were not yet loaded, even if they had a valid size.
  • Fixed GridLayouts when used as a Group.layout and when GridLayout.alignment is go.GridLayout.Position , to treat GridLayout.wrappingWidth as a width limit, regardless of the Layout.arrangementOrigin. If you were forced to set GridLayout.wrappingColumn to a value just to be free of the treatment of the default value for GridLayout.wrappingColumn( NaN ) to indicate the width of the viewport, it is now possible to set GridLayout.wrappingWidth to respect a smaller value.
  • Fixed maintaining the selection state of selected Parts that change their category.
  • GoJS will step down the Canvas resolution during drawing operations like dragging and panning, which can lead to “fuzzy” shapes and text during these operations. This is now only done when a slower frame rate is detected.
  • Drawing performance improvements, especially in well-connected graphs.
  • Fixed a bug with trackpad scrolling reversing at the end of scroll events.
  • Fixed a bug drawing grids on some Overviews.

For previous releases, see: GoJS Version 2.0.8 - #2