GOJS watermark appears even after giving license key



GOJS watermark appears even after mentioning license key in Angular 4 Constructor / ngoninit.

(go as any).licenseKey = “…”;



What is the URL from which your page was delivered?


From http://localhost:4200


Angular 4… I’m giving license key in the same component before loading the diagram and after importing the gojs…

Giving license key under constructor/ngoninit.


And precisely which version of the go.js library are you using? Does it match the version that you specified when you got the license key?


Yes we are using “gojs”: “^1.8.34”, And the license also says that this license key for version 1.8.34 will work for all versions 1.8.*.


Hi Walter,

Any update on this. We are providing valid license key still we are getting GoJS watermark.
(go as any).licenseKey = “************”;


To distribute your GoJS-dependent application to many domains, you will need to do two things, both described in this email:

Add a go.licenseKey assignment statement.

Add the special CSS rule shown below.

Product Go.js file Requested Version Licensed Version Licenses
Purchased Previous Domains
GoJS 1.8.34 2.0 3

You must add this go.licenseKey statement to your code so that it executes before you create your first Diagram.

go.licenseKey = "***********";

Note: if you are writing TypeScript, you will want to assign: (go as any).licenseKey = "...";

The following CSS class acts as your embedded license and must be present on the pages where you intend to deploy GoJS apps. The CSS must affect the page as a top-level rule and cannot be nested.


  • Do not comment on its purpose in your source
  • Place it in a .css file if possible

.gshHeader {

border-color: #8d8868;

font-size: 11;

margin-bottom: 16;


Once your key and CSS are in place, you can continue to use the same key and CSS while updating the patch version of GoJS. For example, this license key for version 1.8.32 will work for all versions 1.8.*.

Remember to get a new license key when upgrading to a new major or minor version of GoJS. For example, you will need a new license key and CSS when upgrading from 7.8 to 7.9 or to 8.0.

Email GoJS support at gojs@nwoods.com if you have any questions.

To request order information, click here


We received the email in the above format. Could you please help us how to activate GOJS license.

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I have hidden this forum topic for your privacy.

I’m not sure what the problem might be. What is the actual license key string that you are using?


Do you want me to share the license key?


Yes, please.


I have sent the details to walter gojs@nwoods.com. Could you please check.