GoJS Zoom Slider with custom Slider element

Hi, We have implemented the zooming slider through ZoomSlider Class, Which uses its own slider and zoom-in, zoom-out button.

Is it possible to integrate zooming slider, with our custom slider element, zoom-in button and zoom-out button, which is created through Angluar & HTML.

Yes, that should be possible. What is the problem that you have encountered?

I Have not found which API/method to call on change of slider event.
Zoom-in Zoom-out button i have done

So you are reimplementing the ZoomSlider in Angular?

As you can see in the implementation at https://gojs.net/latest/extensionsTS/ZoomSlider.ts the sliderListenerSetup function sets up oninput and onchange event handlers of the “zoomSliderRange” <input> element.