GoLabeledLink FromNode Issue


I am using GoLabeledLink derived class to create Links in between the nodes. In my app. some times I will disconnect the link from targetnode to create incomeplete link(dangling link).
While working with that sometimes my link property FromNode is getting null. Here I am not using any copy & paste operations. Simply I am creating new links and trying to disconnect or connect it again. And one morething, it is not happening everytime.
So, If anyone knows the solution pls send it me as soon as possible.
waiting for reply

If you disconnect a link from a node, I think you should expect the GoLabeledLink.FromNode property to be null, just as its FromPort property should be null.

I think you are going to have to describe the problem more precisely (and yet remain concise) if you expect anyone to be able to help you.

If I could not explain properly sorry for that.

And forget about disconnection and all.
I have created a link in between two nodes and tried to drag out the link from target node.
That time my link's FromNode property is getting null.
It is clear I think.

OK, so you two nodes and a link between them.

Could you be more specific by what happens when you say "tried to drag out the link from target node"? Is this interactive or programmatic? Which link are you looking at, and when, and how?