GoLayer Defaults

the moment i create instance of a GoDrawView there are 3 layers created by default with the following:

(this is my watch window in VS)
gv1.Layers(0).Identifier -1 {Integer} Object
gv1.Layers(1).Identifier 0 {Integer} Object
gv1.Layers(2).Identifier 0 {Integer} Object
gv1.Layers.Count 3 Integer
The one is the DefaultLayer the other is The DefaultLinksLayer, what is the last one for?
Is there a way that I can override the layer identifiers on creation of the view to give it custom Names eg "Page" and "Border"

Not all GoView layers are GoDocument layers. Note that layers have an IsInDocument boolean property to indicate they are also GoDocument layers. (There is also a IsInView property.)

The default layers in a GoView are (from back to front):

GoView BackgroundLayer (IsInDocument = false, IsInView = true)

GoDocument Default layer (IsInDocument = true, IsInView = false)

GoView Default Layer (IsInDocument = false, IsInView = true)

GoDocument LinksLayer is the same as the GoDocument Default layer if you don’t create one.

The GoView Default layer is used for selection handles.

GoLayer has an “Object Identifier” property you can set to name them. (Identifier for BackgroundLayer is -1, and for GoDocument and GoView Default layers is 0.)

Thanks for the quick response, I understand it better now.