GoLayout and graph origin

Good Morning,

I have the following minor issue:
I am using a GoLayoutLayeredDigraph to display some nodes and subgraphs and it works well.
I had the issue where I needed to re-layout the graph when I minimize and maximize the subgraph but that is all resolved now.
My current struggle is that I need the subgraph to start at the upper left corner of my screen and currently it automatically moves some distance away.
Below is my code:
private void Layout_Graph() { //_mainLayout.ArrangementOrigin = new PointF(0F, 0F); _mainLayout.LayerSpacing = 10; _mainLayout.DirectionOption = GoLayoutDirection.Down; _mainLayout.PackOption = GoLayoutLayeredDigraphPack.Median; _mainLayout.PerformLayout(); _mainLayout.LayoutNodesAndLinks();


I tried using the tree-layout and it has a nice property called Arrangement origin which did the trick but I can not use that control because it does not adjust the link size when I collapse the subgraph even after I re-layer it.
So my quesion is how can I position a GoLayoutLayeredDigraph in the upper left corner of the view.

What do you mean by “does not adjust the link size when I collapse the subgraph”?

By default GoLayoutLayeredDigraph will position the nodes so that the top-left corner is at 0,0 plus margins of LayerSpacing and ColumnSpacing, depending on the orientation. So as long as your GoView.DocPosition is at 0,0, your graph will show up near the top-left corner of the view.

Thanks very much for the suggestion.

I implemented it and it definately improved the looks of it but I am still having some issues which I think are scrollbar related.
I don't think it is anything related to the Go Library though.