Golayoutlayered slow for many links


I have a diagram with ~ 2000 nodes and ~3000 links
When I try to use Golayoutlayered 2.1, CPU usage goes to 100% and I have not been patient enough to see if it returns with a result. i.e. > 15 min on a 1.8ghz PC.
Is this expected for a diagram of this scale?


I would expect it to take a while. I will look into this. What kind of graph structure do you have? Are there a lot of unconnected nodes? Is there one node with a lot of connections? Do you have many layers, and if so, are there many cases where the links skip layers?


There are no unconnected nodes.
There are 4 nodes with lots of connections, 2 of which have links to many nodes and 2 with many links between themselves.
There are ~ 500 layers with a max depth of links within the layers of 10. There are not many links crossing over layers.
The diagram does eventually draw (I left it running overnight).


Have you had a chance to look at this yet?
I have also layed out some big diagrams with the Maxinterations tuned down to ~ 10. These will run within about 4 min, but dont achieve much on each interation.
Also is there a ‘best guess’ starting point? e.g. put all node at the same point or in a grid or a circle?


You must have tried using the force-directed autolayout too, I see.
With the layered-digraph autolayout, you could try overriding ReduceCrossings and/or StraightenAndPack to be a no-op, to see if the time is dramatically reduced at the expense of a poorer layout.