GoLayoutLayeredDigraph Override



I have been trying for a few hours now browsing all the members and
properties of the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph class, and can not
seem to figure out a way to access the layer indexes that are assign
when AssignLayers() is performed. Could someone please give me
some pointer of where the data is located so I could overide the

I have an idea that it is stored in
GoLayoutLayeredDigraphNodeData class, but the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph
don’t give access to its GoLayoutLayeredDigraph object.

Thanks in advance.



GoLayoutLayeredDigraph layout = …;
… layout.NodeData(aNetworkNode).Layer …


Thank you for your reply. When I tried the NodeData() function,
it says it is inaccessible because of protection level. I worked
around it by accessing the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph.Network property and
drawing out the nodes.

Thank you again.