GoLine click and construct


Hey there, has anyone tried the following before:
Contructing a link by clicking the canvas so you have a scenario where you click the object (say you hold Ctrl+Click) then click the canvas in such in creates a link the as you go on the extends it with points and seals it when you ctrl click the final object or target object. If you click the canvas or object with out ctrl in you loose the line…
Has anyone done something like this, hey Walter do u know if this is possible in the library?
thanx alot Mitch


Of course it’s possible! The question is how much work it is to implement.
In this case, it’s hardly any work at all. Look at the RoutingLinkTool in the Demo1 sample. You can invoke it while running Demo1 by using the Edit menu Routing Linker command. Typing Cancel does what you’d expect, and typing Ctrl-Z lets you delete the last point that you added when you clicked.


Thanx alot Walter, sorry I took so long to reply I have been very busy :) Thanx again


I have trouble when everything is done and I commit the link to the destination object everything is relayed out and it forgets my path or resets it that is… :
Any suggestions?


Well, that’s not a problem with the RoutingLinkTool, so you’ll need to compare your code with that tool.


I got that working, but when I move the object it again forgets all the points and relayes out the line to the best shortest path from one object to the other. This is consistant with the Demo1 version… as soon as you move the object there the same happens… ? any ideas on this :)


Did you set GoLink.AdjustingStyle?