GoListGroup resizing


I have to make a node similar to the one in Demo1. I have a header - node name, input ports on the left side and output ports on the right.
Everything has to be automatically resizable according to the lengths of the texts. I have already done almost all, but i have a bug.
I decided to use one GoListGroup, which is horizontal and has two vertical list groups as items. The left one holds the names of the inputs, the right one holds outputs.
When I put the long header and short input and output names, the outer list is reshaped to the maximum size of texts and looks something like:
-| In1 Out1 | -
| |
I'd need it to look like this:
-|In1 Out1| -
| |
So the names of the ports have to stand right next to the ports, and everything has to be resized according to text lengths, just like in demo1.
I tried to change GoListGroup's Width property, but nothing happens. Is it possible to automatically resize GoListGroup or you have to add some more stuff in it? Do you have any better idea how to achieve this? Please help.

Do you need to specify different values for GoListGroup.Alignment for each of the two vertical list groups?

Is there a reason you aren't using a GoGeneralNode like InfoNode8 in Demo1?