GoLocalStorage save/load with UI not working

I’m currently trying to implement the gojs storage system into my project. I included the library and the functions work fine. But when I call loadWithUi() the function does this: Capture

It prints this to the bottom of my page and when I click load it says “Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error: Cannot load file from local storage with path null
at gcs.js:714”.

Otherwise no errors what so ever… Am I doing something wrong here?

var gls = new gcs.GoLocalStorage(myDiagram,myDiagram.model.toJson(),"../js/gojs/storage/goCloudStorageIcons/");

That’s the code. pretty simple. I fear that I’m doing this not right.

We’re looking into this, I’ll get back to you soon

The error you’re seeing happens when a call to GoLocalStorage.load is made with a path value of null.

GoLocalStorage.loadWithUI should only show the UI window to load a file. Is that UI being shown? It should look something like

The call to load should not fire until you press the “Load” button on that UI. Of course, if you do not select a diagram to load, you may see the error message you are seeing, since no path is supplied to the load function.

I see thank you. I also figuered out that I forgot to include the css into my header which caused the problem.

thanks a bunch