Gonode with ErrorProvider

i need to use ErrorProvider to show the user in a non-intrusive way that something is wrong with certain componet ( GoNode,GoLink,…)
my problem is that ErrorProvider only work with controls that inheret from System.Windows.Forms.Control like GoView but i can’t use it with GoNode,GoLink,…

Is there any work around?

It does work with GoView, but perhaps the behavior isn’t what you want. Could you describe more precisely what you want to have happen?
What most people do is change the appearance of the nodes and links that aren’t “right”. You could change the color to Red. If you really want blinking (like a bunch of ErrorProviders), you can do that too, by using a Timer. (The Processor and InstrumentDemo samples demonstrate this, although for animation purposes.)
You can also set the HighlightPen of a GoStroke (such as a GoLink). Or you can add an extra shape or icon to a node. You have a lot of flexibility in what you can do.
Or course it would be better not to allow the diagram to get into a “wrong” state, if that could be caused by the user’s actions.