GoText and input patterns

Can we add an input pattern to the GoText ?

Context :

  • I have a GoGroup with 1 image and 2 textboxes
  • the first textbox has a behaviour like a dropdownlist (choice between Boolean, Date, Int32, String…)
  • according to the value selected in the dropdownlist, the 2nd textbox is displayed or not
  • if displayed the user can keyboard its value…

But, my value can be a Date, Int32, String or something else… how to simply add a text format or more specifically an input pattern ? I won’t check the entered value to determine the datatype.


Do you always want the second box to be a text entry, or (in the case of Boolean) something more appropriate like a checkbox?

That would be cool yes !

But my problem is only on the text entry direct formatting (if it’s a date, I would have an input pattern…

Look at the RectWithCheckBox sample class in Demo1, it should how to override DoBeginEdit to put your own custom editor control in place.

I’ve just look at the Demo1 samples and the sample doesn’t work, does-it ?
I can’t edit the rectangle, I can’t see the checkbox… sorry…

Hmm… you’re right. There seems to be an issue with that sample class. I’ll take a look. The basics of what you want are there, I think.


Hi Jake,

“The basics of what you want are there, I think.” => ok, but I didn’t find the solution in your sample…

Thanks for your support.